At GCG we know you need HR support your way. One that fits not only your budget, but also your business culture. That’s why we offer both virtual and on-site support.

Virtual HR is offered to improve operational services to GCG clients benefiting both employees and the business. Virtual HR support improves efficiency and cost effectiveness within the business, and allows your virtual HR consultant to become a strategic partner in achieving organizational goals.

HR functions that virtual HR support can assist with are both transactional and transformational goals. Transactional goals help reduce costs and transformational goals help the allocation of time improvement for managers so that they may address more strategic issues.

In addition we have developed various customizable template forms, policies and procedures for use by your business throughout the employment life cycle, including:


      • New hire packets and employee notices required at time of hire.
      • Employee Handbooks.
      • Personnel policies and workplace procedures.
      • Performance evaluation forms.
      • Counseling and disciplinary forms.
      • Leave of absence request forms for managing employees’ time off (vacation, sick time, personal leaves, disability or medical leaves).
      • Facilitating and mediating requests for reasonable.
      • accommodations for employees with disabilities and medical conditions.
      • Work-at-home and telecommuting arrangements.
      • Meal period waivers.
      • Alternative work week arrangements.

What Makes US different


Client: What is the 7th day pay law?

Payroll HR answer: Find your answer here:


Client: What is the 7th day pay law?

GCG Answer: In California when an employee works 7 consecutive days in a workweek, the employee is entitled to 1 1⁄2 times their wage for the first 8 hours, and double time for any hours worked after 8. Please remember it ONLY applies when they work 7 consecutive days in the workweek, a workweek is defined as 7 consecutive days, for a total of 168 hours. In the absence of a defined workweek, both state and federal law default to Sunday at midnight, to Saturday at 11:59:59 pm.

I hope this helps, learn more by following the link below or call me if you have questions.


Building a forum for individuals to feel safe to discuss sensitive topics is not easy to do, but you have and I thank you.

Josh Mauldin
Community Health

Greear Consultant Group, LLC did an excellent job of getting the Senior management team of our organization to candidly discuss organizational issues, identify solutions and prioritize them. I highly recommend this firm for this type of organization development work.

Tom Flavin, CEO
Cochella Valley Economic Partnership

GCG helped to bring our team together in a professional and thoughtful way. Our seminar was incredibly productive and a real benefit to our organization.

Lesa Bodner
Facilities and Administration Director
Cochella Valley Economic Partnership